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The Tax Lien Lady (Website and Newsletter)

" answers your questions about how to get started investing in tax lien certificates, particularly, tax lien certificates in New Jersey. offers a Free tax lien e-course and free tax lien newsletter. ."

Visit to get free information on tax lien investing.  Sign up for a free newsletter and find out about other educational offerings. The Tax Lien Lady is a LienSource Network Partner!

"The Complete Guide to
 Investing  in New Jersey Tax Liens" (Book)

Written by Michael Pellegrino, Esq, a New Jersey attorney specializing in tax lien foreclosures, this book is the most updated work specifically dealing with investing in New Jersey tax liens.  As quoted on the back cover...

"It covers every aspect of tax lien investing in a simple ‘nuts and bolts’ approach. Novices and experienced investors alike will benefit from this insightful and clear guidebook.”

—Steven Davis, Certified Tax Collector and President of LienSource

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